Creative Kitchen

Fusing passions is what this is all about. This is a space for anyone wanting to be inspired by a Chef crafting their art, or simply needing the creative freedom to play in a professional kitchen.

Consider us your first co-sharing commercial kitchen space in Mallorca. Right in the heart of Palma, near the Santa Catalina Market we are offering our space for various ideas, concepts and projects*.

  • Incubator/Brand Develop Commercial Kitchen

  • 10 person Private Restaurant

  • Market Stroll with Cooking Classes

  • Restaurant Menu/Concept Consultations

  • so much more

TasteMakerHQ_creative kitchen.jpeg

Kitchen rental rates:


*All packs must be used within 30 days of your start date. availability is subject to review of your project, please be as specific as possible with dates and times of usage of the kitchen space.