Where We EAT: DaiCa Restaurant, Llubí.

It is the middle of May and it's lunchtime on the island, but where should I go? This is the question I often find myself asking. If I have the time I like to jump in the car and explore the little villages on the island but more often then not I'm left hungry and disappointed. This Saturday afternoon I left with the total opposite feeling and it's funny what an exceptional meal can do for whole outlook on life. 

DaiCa in Llubí is everything you want when you think of the word Restaurant. It's comfortable, inviting interior with natural stone that Mallorca is known for makes you feel like you are dining with friends at home. The menu changes every 15 days and inspired by the season, with a molecular twist. 
David, one of the owners, guided us through the menu and described each dish on the 7 course tasting menu and without blinking, it was ordered!
When I heard the word "Espuma" / "Foam" I was a bit nervous, I wasn't in the mood for a meal that would leave me hungry and questioing what I was eating. Everything at DaiCa was executed in a way that wasn't pretentious, visually beautiful with punchy surprising flavors that I would have never thought to pair together. 

The wine list is carefully selected from local wines from some of the top winemakers on the island, I settled on the OM Blanc a blend of Sauvignon Blanc & the local grape Pensal. The wine paired perfectly with the Spring time menu and really married well with the fish course of John Dory in a mushroom broth. 

The service was not rushed and the food came out at a perfect pace. Course after course I didn't want our lunch to end. The highlight was the earthy asparagus soup with Mallorcan White Truffles shaved over the top. It was rich in flavor without being heavy, and the combination of white and green asparagus balanced each other perfectly.

Thank you for your passion and putting that directly on a plate, I am already looking forward to my next visit. 

DaiCa Restaurant i Petit Hotel
Carrer Nou, 8 Llubí, Mallorca.
Phone:(+34) 971522567
Mail: info@daica.es

For Reservations you can either call or make one directly on their very well designed website: