Where We EAT: Ca's Patro March, Cala Deià.


I'll let you in on a little secret, I do not like driving windy roads in the north of the island. I'm not one for a scary drive and I drive slowly with caution. Which only means that the locals don't like me because I'm extra careful around turns and tourists don't like me because something my turns are wider then they should be. With that aside I can say that I love Cala Deià because it is one of the easier drives for me. (note; I said easier) It's full of hairpin turns and a road that looks like it should only be for one car at points but it's manageable. 
I go to this beach a lot and bring many friends here as it is a breathtakingly gorgeous spot with some of the finest seafood simply prepared. You go here for the grilled fish and a cold glass of white wine, anything different and you are doing it wrong! 
There are two restaurants, one more expensive than the other but both equally are wonderful. I'm going to tell you about the iconic Ca's Patro March, perched on the rocks with those typical Mediterranean, I am actually here, views! On the first page of the menu you will see a handwritten note on the upper right corner this is the most important information. It tells you what fresh fish they have and price per kilo. Make sure to ask what sizes they have as sometimes you have a choice. Today we went for the Rodaballo/Turbot, and it was so perfectly grilled with a squeeze of lemon and you couldn't ask for anything better. I like to pair my seafood with crisp Albariño, kept extra cold in a bucket of ice water. 
Bon Profit! 

LTM Tip: It is highly recommend to make a resservation for a table during peak season! June - September! Also great for large parties if celebrating a special occasion!