Where We EAT: Millo Restaurant, Santa Catalina.

Recently I had the chance to gather a group of Taste Makers and head to a new Restaurant in Santa Catalina. Millo Restaurant is a fusion of familiar flavors from the Chefs life. Having grown up in Colombia and working for Restaurants all over the world this young Chef is putting his spin on a new type of cuisine on the island. Probably the most exciting thing is that this Chef is sourcing some very exotic ingredients most of us have never tasted before. The menu is a mix of seafood and meats that all sound to good to chose from.

The oysters were paired with coconut milk which brought out the sweetness of the oyster but didn't mask the briny flavor of the sea. Genius pairing! Although, the real star for me was the creamy corn soup which melted in your mouth with an intense sweet corn flavor. Corn is such a staple in Chef Michel's kitchen and he really knows how to use it in every possible way. I cannot say enough good things about this Chef and his talent for understanding the perfect balance of a plate. We want our tongue to feel as many sensations as possible when we put a bite of food in our mouth. Chef Michel has made this dream bite come true with each course that came out. 

Oh, and don't forget to leave without having dessert! They offer freshly churned coconut ice cream and it's heavenly. But don't worry chocolate lovers that gorgeous little bowl filled with fruit and mint leaves is made out of chocolate. 

#ltmtips: The portions are on the smaller side, so we recommend getting a 1st & 2nd Course. The wine list if really well curated and very reasonably priced! Oh, not many people know about this place so it's still fairly quiet but it will not stay like that for very long!!!!

Address: Calle Caro 30 Santa Catalina, Palma de Mallorca
Phone Number: +34 871 04 04 13
Monday - Saturday 12:30PM - 4:00PM
Monday - Sunday 7:30PM - 11:30PM