Where We EAT: La 5ª Puñeta, Palma de Mallorca

La 5ª Puñeta may not look like much but it's the perfect place to start an evening. There are just a few hightop tables so grab one, order a Wine or Caña and call up your friends. This is a place to socialize, forget about the work day and most importantly snack! They open at 19:00 Monday - Saturday, and closed on Sundays. 

The concept is quite easy, you grab a small plate and carefully chose the thing on toast. Collect your toothpicks at the end and count them up. Each toothpick is worth 1,65€ and if your gluten intolerant you can ask for the special toast which is 2,00€. The waitstaff is extremely helpful in answering questions so don't hesitate to ask what you may be eating. When the plates at the bar finish don't worry the ladies in the kitchen are making more, and sometimes it's worth waiting to see what they will bring.

Caputxines 3, 07003 Palma De Mallorca, Spain