Where We EAT: Nama, Deià

Breathing a life of fresh air in the heart of Deià, we present you with a new Restaurant on the island; Nama. Welcoming you at the entrance of this renovated home, turn Restaurant is Namali who's smile immediately warms the room. The decor is eclectic and yet modern and each corner filled with candles. The majority of the Restaurants activity is on the small terrace which only seats about 22 person. The tables are set in a mismatch way, which to some may look a bit chaotic but I personally enjoyed this touch. 

But we didn't come here to check out the interior, we came here to eat. The menu is an asian fusion mashup with influences from Namali's Sri Lankan heritage. You'll see the usual dishes that many of these types of fusion Restaurants offer, Spring Rolls, Ravioli or Dumplings and a Red Curry. What set all of the others from Nama is clear, these dishes are packed with flavor, the balance of sweet and sour is executed perfectly! It has our mouth doing backflips with excitement anticipating the next dish. 


With all this praise I do have to confess that the service was slow and there was little communication between the front of house team. Waiting for wine to be poured when your glass is empty is unacceptable and after having our first two starters we were asked if we wanted to see the menu for dessert. I know some people eat fast but we had just sat down and our wine was still full. It's the little things that will leave your customers 100% satisfied or having them leave and only talk about how the service could have been more attentive even though the food was the best they have ever had. I have faith they will work out these tiny kinks and be the talk of the island as the must stop when visiting. 

LTMtip: They are only open for dinner and reservations are needed. If you are not able to reach them the first time you ring keep trying, trust me the food is not to be missed!

Address: Arxiduc Luis Salvador 22, Deià
Phone: +34 661 59 30 38