Where We EAT: Lunch at the Portixol Hotel, Portixol.

The cool vibes of this hotel reminds me a lot of the Coastal Resort City of Laguna Beach, California. The setting for the hotel is just passed the bustling city of Palma (crowded with mass tourists when the cruise ships come in) and although it may seem close to a lot of public transport, it's serene and relaxing.

We didn't make a reservation for lunch, so we were asked to wait by the bar, or enjoy a drink on their small outside terrace. The Hotel being positioned along the water created a nice breeze, which made the shaded terrace the perfect spot for a ice cold drink. 

We've been lunching a lot recently to be able to give you all the best options when traveling in and around the island, and Hotel Portixol ticked all the boxes for us on service, atmosphere and food. We personally like a full Restaurant, not only does it provide us great people watching, but also it creates the whole atmosphere with the chatter and buzz. An empty Restaurant makes you feel like you need to speak in a whisper and any glances around the room makes the waitstaff feel they need to come over and ask if everything is ok. Hotel Portixol had a good mixture of hotel guests, but also locals on their lunch break with coworkers. We liked that a lot!

There are two areas where you can dine, on the outside terrace which is completely shaded by a slatted roof, or a very chic interior space with comfortable banquets. You also have two menu options, a weekly menu del dia which is 19.00euros for 3 courses, or an A la Carte which has something to satisfy even the pickiest taste. 

We shared the Tosta Portixol which is a cold mayonnaise based salad with crab and prawns (although I think they were crawfish, yum) served on a piece of very slim toast. Creamy, Cold and paired perfectly with the crisp blush Rosé Wine we had by the glass. Slatted roof does not create the best lighting for photos, sorry! For our main course we ordered one hamburger with cheese (we heard some very good things) and a Caesar Salad with Salmon. Our very sweet waitress had got my order wrong and my salad came with chicken, clearly a bit different than pink salmon. She quickly apologized and sent it back to get done properly. BUT... here is something she did that I have never experienced EVER in Mallorca, she poured us a top up of wine! This totally minor detail made our whole day, not because we love wine (it's true, we do!!!!!) but this act of thinking quickly on how to satisfy the customer is not ever done. It made us forget about the mistake, and really made us realize that we were in good hands. THANK YOU!!!

ltmTip: The Hamburger was worth it, and the Rosé Wine they have by the glass is probably the best we're tried anywhere on the island.

Calle Sirena | 07006 Palma de Mallorca | Mallorca, España
Tel: +34 971 27 18 00