Where We EAT: Fosh Kitchen, Palma de Mallorca.

Marc Fosh has opened not one but two new eaters in Palma in the last month. After announcing the closing of Misa Braseria in late June to make way for Fosh Lab and his latest venture Fosh Kitchen. 

Marc Fosh has taken over the space of a beloved confectionary shop, Ca’n Frasquet. I remember when first moving here and walking past the gorgeous displays of meringues and bon bons. It reminded me of being in Paris, pastel colored boxes and carefully placed chocolates. It had since reinvented itself into a bistro which did not last very long. 

Marc had given his signature spin on it and the food now truly resembles that of an elevated French Bistro. It's got just a hint of being a sophisticated Restaurant but more cool and relaxed. The space is small yet cozy and the service was stellar. I was here to treat myself to lunch, as I often do once a week. There was no menu del dia but after only being open for a week I was informed one would be presented soon. 

The Restaurant itself is quite small, seating for about 16 persons outside, and just about the same amount along a light violet banquet. With the front glass panels completely removed, every seat is the best seat of the house. I decided to create my own menu del dia and each dish was well balanced and held that tiny element of surprise. 
Take for example a freshly shucked oyster, topped with pomegranates and tomato, a squeeze of lime that mixed with the salty brine. You had every flavor of umami in just one single slurp. 

Gorgeous food and already looking to my next visit. A trend I do wish would come to an end is the damn gelée. On the dessert plate you had fresh, very juicy raspberries, and just next to it a gelée of raspberry. The flavor did not even match the one of the fresh and had a strange sandy like texture. I'm all experimenting in the kitchen but some things are better left in their purest form. 
TOTAL Cost: 3 Courses + a Bottle of Sparkling Water, 38,00€
LTMtip: This Restaurant will soon be extremely busy. We recommend reservations for lunch and dinner. If you are curious to try a local Mallorcan Wine, they have our favorite Nou Nat from Binigrau. Just make sure it is served very cold! 

Carrer d'Orfila 4
+34 971 717 611