Where We EAT: SHOGUN Restaurant, Palma de Mallorca.

I crave Japanese food often, and I'm not talking about sushi or sashimi which just about everyone thinks of. I love silky tofu and tonkatsu that have rich, deep developed flavors. I'm looking for umami bursts that surprise the palate. I am so happy I did the trek to SHOGUN on the outskirts of Santa Catalina in Palma de Mallorca. 
Shogun is nestled in a very residential area just a few streets away from the entrance of the Bellver Castle. I came here for a late dinner a few weeks ago, but it would make for the perfect lunch spot after taking in the views from the Castle. The decor is dated and the whole interior could use a major facelift, but don't judge it by looks alone. What is coming out of the kitchen is so different from what these other Japanese Restaurants are offering. 

We started with the Shogun Soup which is their version of a miso soup. It was creamy and tasted like they melted butter and a nutty flavored cheese inside, I have to confess it was difficult to share this very light and airy miso soup. We also had delicious goyza's and a carpaccio of fish with a spicy salsa and garlic. The stand out dish for me was the Tofu in an aged dashi sauce topped with bonito flakes. It had the perfect balance of flavor and the umami I had been looking for. 

We ended our snacking with a giant bowl of Katsudon, which was so rich and heavy we probably should have ordered one less starter. But we had a little bit of wine left in the bottle and we finished it all. There really is something for everyone at this Restaurant, wether you are a vegetarian or just like simple, fresh sushi. We truly felt like we had gone on a tour of Japan, without the hassle of leaving the island. We cannot recommend Shogun enough and we are already looking forward to indulging in the massive Hot Pot (Sukiyaki) we saw a table sharing next to us! 

Dinner of 5 courses for 2 persons with a bottle of Verdejo = 63.25€

Address: Carrer de Camilo José Cela, 14, 07014 Palma
Hours: 1–4PM, 8–11PM
Phone: +34 971 73 57 48