Where We EAT: Bar Esperanza, Ses Covetes.

If you have been frequenting Ses Covetes recently you might have noticed a very beautiful bar has popped by right before you enter the beach. It's minimally designed interior, or maybe I should call it exterior as it's more of a covered terrace that is fully exposed. It's got that cool, relaxed vibe about it that instantly draws you in! We decided to pop in for a snack and cocktail!

We arrived just before the sun was going down and watched as the final beach-goers made their way home. There is a large communal table in the center of the Restaurant and makes for the perfect spot to host a large birthday party. We decided to order the yuca fries and I went all in for the Thai Pina Colada. The yuca fritas were perfectly cooked and crispy but the cocktail was probably the biggest surprise of taste that day! It had thinly slices of jalapeño inside which added a kick of spicy heat to the normally creamy coconut flavor. At first thought I had trouble with the taste as the cocktail was icy cold but the jalapeño would play with your mind and numb your lips.

After the third sip, I was addicted!

This place has so much potential, the location alone is going to make this a go to stop when you are in Es Trenc! BUT... the service was bad, like I had to physically go to the bar and order, then I had to track down the waiter and ask where our food was and almost went to the kitchen window and got it myself. I almost felt bad for others and wanted to start taking their orders. With that said it was an in-between time and they were very understaffed. 

Reservations for lunch and dinner are a must! Perfect for large parties! Very popular with the German Tourists!
LTMTip: They will be open until January and are working on reforming the interior part of the Restaurant! Everything as far as food & drink seem in place, so if you have patience and use to be a waitress/waiter then you will love it!

Bar Esperanza
Carrer Covetes, Campos 07639
608 62 21 65
10:00AM - 10:00PM