Where We EAT: Tomeu Lassio, Lloseta.

It's not often we travel to Lloseta but when renting a holiday home you can find some really gorgeous properties in this central region of the island. So, I thought it was time to give the visitors who rent places in this area some where delicious to eat. 

Tomeu Lassio is a young Mallorcan Chef that is making classic dishes with his own twist. The Restaurant is very small with white linen and very simple tableware, although the gorgeous drawings on the walls were so well done it left a last impression of how a tiny detail will stay with you forever. So kudos to whomever to hire an artist to create this. It was such a creative reflection of the island and fit the theme of the Restaurant so well.

There is no physical menu, so once you sit down you are agreeing for the degustation menu. The sharply dressed waiter is attentive and had a good command of English. What impressed me the most is that the Chef himself came out of the kitchen and told us the menu for the day. It's rare that this would happen and again it was something small that stood out in my mind. It makes you feel like family, that you are truly dining in the Chefs home and he will do his best to make sure you leave satisfied. After 5 courses and dessert we left more than happy and just the right amount of full. The flavors are comforting and warm which are perfect for an Autumn day on the island. The menu alternated from a fish course to a meat dish and a very simple soup that is served around this time with fideus (noodles) and pork. This dish was the only disconnect for me as I wished the meat was removed from the bones. The broth was rich in flavor, and the noodles were the perfect texture. It was a detail perhaps the Chef wanted to keep with this dish as it felt like you were at your grandmothers table, although it would have elevated the dish to match the quality of the others if there were no bones. 

Tomeu Lassio is absolutely a Chef to watch on the island as he is really exploring new flavors. I am looking forward to the next time I detour through Lloseta, and will be sure to reserve a table. High attention to detail, perfect service and very personable staff.
I guess I just like being part of the family!

degustation menu: 31.00euros

Tomeu Lassio Restaurante
Guillem Santandreu, 38, Lloseta 07360
Tel: 971 51 43 80
Monday - Saturday: 1:30PM - 3:30PM, 8:30PM - 11:00PM
Closed on Sunday's (unless you are a large party) 

LTMtip: They have a website but it is not complete and just a huge disaster. Do not visit it because you will get very confused as to what they offer and do. Someone started it and never finished.