Where We EAT: Sa Roqueta, Portixol.


Arroz Meloso, this is what I came here for and this is what I could not get enough of. This would be the more delicious cousin of the beloved dish, Paella. The only difference is that this is a brothy rice dish where in my own personal opinion makes everything more rich and concentrated with flavor. I went a bit crazy and ordered our rice dish with crab, and there was only two of us and they only had 2 massive crabs the price went up just a bit. If you do not like working for your food, I can honestly suggest the Gamba de Soller Arroz Meloso. 


Having not eaten lunch, I really used this day as the ultimate splurge. I've had coquinas before in Barcelona and have beloved a deep love of this simple and tiny shelled clam. Simply prepared with fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil and pinch of salt is best, and here they steamed it with a touch of wine and garlic. Still as delicious as I remember and to be honest, worth the high price of 23,50€. You can find them in the Market from time to time and these little clams are pricey, but unless you have rented your own Villa or you live on the island, it's best to leave it to the better Restaurants on the island to prepare. 

As soon as you walk in the variety of fish overwhelm you, and if a whole fish is what you are after, this place is one of the best. But if you are wanting a Paella or wanting to branch out to a Rice Stew, make this your number one spot. 


It's a very popular place with the locals on the island, and Toni, the Owner is amazingly friendly and will try his hardest to name each fish, in the correct language in the seafood counter as possible. If not, he'll just make something up and you'll have a good laugh and story about how charming he was during your long lunch. Reservations are a must and although it does not have a good view (it's only downside as I know eating outside is always high on your list), there are 3 small tables on the front terrace, we prefer the inside as we love to see all the dishes coming out of the kitchen, and gawking at those 10 person paellas!

For 2 persons dining out for lunch:
bread & olives, water starter, entree (there was a surcharge as we opted for the large spider crab) and 3 glasses of wine, the bill came out to be: 126,20€ 
(It would have easily been 38,00 less if we ordered the Arroz Meloso with Shrimp)

We cannot recommend this Restaurant enough, it's small and authentic and has such a good local vibe, so don't tell everyone about it. Some secrets are better kept to yourself.