Vandal. Santa Catalina. Palma de Mallorca.


Santa Catalina is buzzing with Restaurants, new openings almost once a month or change of ownership with twists on the menu. Anything to go with the trends of the ever changing climate of the food scene. 

Vandal came upon us a little over a year ago, summer of 2017, and my first experience left me wanting something a bit more. This was me, judging a Restaurant after just one experience and just short after it had opened. I always have to remind myself to give Restaurants a second chance because openings are always shaky and you need 2 or 3 tries before you can really form any sort of honest opinion.

My return to Vandal, just before Christmas, and after much talk in the food community on the island, made me excited to taste what I may have overlooked. I went with a group and some Restaurants are better in this form when it comes to shared plates. Chef Bernabé Caravotta and his team work like a choreographed dance squad that is on display to everyone in the Restaurant. The menu is divided by small bites and larger plates for sharing with you friends, or in some cases, not sharing because it was just so good.


The smoked eel was one of those dishes that I could have gladly kept all to myself. Although with a table of Chefs and foodies, I had to share this dish in particular, as it possessed the perfect balance of flavors and textures.


Each dish no matter the size also has a pairing for a cocktail or drink. The spicy margarita is absolutely delicious, but when it’s paired with something equally as spicy, the drink doesn’t seem to work for me, so beware of the heat!


The standout dishes were the smoked eel, the mackerel and the ceviche cornet with coconut foam which I had as a dessert for something playful to end with. I’m not that crazy about sweets, and this wrapped up my night perfectly.
(Also pictured are the oysters, beef cannelloni (this was very rich but satisfying), patatas bravas which I order without fault if they are on a menu)

Everyday from 19:30 a 23:30 hs.
(Fridays & Saturdays 19:30 a 00:00)

Plaza Progreso, 15.
07013, Palma de Mallorca. Islas Baleares, España.
+34 871045174
(reservations are a must)

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