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Where We EAT: Sa Roqueta, Portixol.

Arroz Meloso, this is what I came here for and this is what I could not get enough of. This would be the more delicious cousin of the beloved dish, Paella. The only difference is that this is a brothy rice dish where in my own personal opinion makes everything more rich and concentrated with flavor.

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Where We EAT: Boutique Hotel & Restaurant Ca's Xorc, Sóller.

Paella Sunday is beyond our wildest dreams at this location in Sóller! We decided on a roadtrip through the tunnel and on the other side of Palma de Mallorca. I always enjoy this drive, as you pass by all the almond tree fields, then after an extremely long tunnel you enter to the land of Oranges in Sóller! This drive is best done during the spring time when everything is blooming and the almond flowers make a bed of white petals that remind you it's still the winter season!

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Where We EAT: Casa Manolo, Ses Salines.

We're here to tell you how we're on a mission to find you the best paella on the island of Mallorca! We have to tell you honestly how on our first attempt we failed. We came to Casa Manolo to try their fish stews and made the mistake not to call 24 hours in advance to order one and make a reservation. Complete amateur hour on our behalf, although the evening was not wasted and we discovered something great.

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