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Where We EAT: La Rosa Vermutería, Palma de Mallorca.

If you are ever stuck on where to grab a quick snack, or a creative cocktail the place to be right now in Palma is, La Rosa Vermutería. Opened less than a year ago this hot spot has the best small bites in town, paired with a well curated wine list but what you really want to come here for is the Vermut! Currently Spain is in the midst of a vermut renaissance and the best time to have one is in the afternoon, socializing with friends. 

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Where We EAT: La 5ª Puñeta, Palma de Mallorca

La 5ª Puñeta may not look like much but it's the perfect place to start an evening. There are just a few hightop tables so grab one, order a Wine or Caña and call up your friends. This is a place to socialize, forget about the work day and most importantly snack!

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Where We EAT: Patrón Lunares, Palma de Mallorca.

Consistency is key at this beautiful decorated Restaurant at the tail end of what I like to call Restaurant Row in Santa Catalina. As you walk down the busy Calle de la Fábrica you are hit with so many smells you are tempted to just sit down at the most crowded place thinking it's the one with the best food.

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