petit saucier


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Deeply Marinated Chicken Breast, grilled to perfection paired with tumeric jeweled rice sprinkled with slivers of almonds and caramelized shallots for a touch of sweetness. A cooling slaw of kohlrabi and apple and to round it out, a staple item on all of our dishes, our amazingly flavorful sauces. Salsa Verde like you’ve never had before!

Our Petit Saucier Classic, Epic Chicken Noodle Soup for those days when you need it most. Like a warm hug, 750ml of broth cooked slowly all day with hearty vegetables and our twist with the addition of shitake mushrooms.



Spring is in the air and we’re using all that is in season! Our tender green pea, courgette and artichoke barley risotto with aromatic steamed Lubina will give you the energy to power through your day without weighing you down.


Our EPIC Green Goddess Salad, bountiful and filled with fresh green vegetables. Asparagus, snap peas, radish, cucumbers, shredded cabbage, basil, mint, burrata, za'atar spiced chickpeas, mixed salad greens, lemon squeeze, green goddess ranch dressing.