Taste Maker Club

We meet, and we eat together and sometimes give our strong opinions on what is delicious and what could have been left out. 
I am always in search of great Restaurants anywhere on the island of Mallorca, and these are anything from local bars serving the best llonguet to multiple course dinners that blissfully transport you to far off lands. 
So let's eat all this island has to offer and make new friends along the way.

Before you join our Club, there are mandatory questions you must answer, but don’t worry they are simple and we just want to know where in the world your palette of food was influenced.

If you’re wanting to start a Taste Maker Club in your city, island or home country, go to our contact page and we’ll help you start your community of Eaters!



?? / 02 / 2019

Travel to Switzerland with us and discover the world of melted cheese, or better known as Raclette. We’ll be melting cheese for 2 hours and pairing it with 2 exceptional wines.

10 person limit.


?? / 03 / 2019

France is always a good idea and we’ll be doing a hands on cooking class for a classic French patisserie, the eclair. Champagne will help fuel us along the way as we bake our little hearts out.

10 person limit.


?? / 04 / 2019

Roadtrip to the east coast of the island for a taste of a seafood feast at one of my favorite Restaurants. There are many options on the menu but for me the arroz caldoso, or brothy rice is exceptional.

15/20 person limit.