What's Going ON: Legends Cup Tournament, Palma Tennis.

The newly refurbished Palma Sport & Tennis Club is having a moment thanks to the Legends Cup Tournament that is taking over the central clay court. Yesterday October 8th, was the start of the Tournament and I had a chance to take some photos of this amazing space and event.

I highly advise everyone to get to the event early. In front of the Club they have set up some very VIP tents where you can taste the flavors of some amazing Restaurants, as well as do a bit of shopping. What's not to love already? I decided to pick up a glass of Cava and have a peek around before headed towards the bright lights shining on the court. The event is extremely well organized and there is no shortage of staff to help you with any questions you may have or drinks you may need. 

How about a 25 meter swimming pool, which has 5 lap lanes, each 2 meters wide, easily accommodating multiple swimmers. Can you believe this is in Palma? Ok back to Tennis...

I was here to watch the match between Catalan Player Alex Corretja & French Player Henri Leconte, what was to come I was not prepared for. Henri Leconte was full of jokes and truly a crowd favorite with his comedic approach to this event. He kept it light, full of laughs and almost broken some windows of the neighboring apartments. Grandpa was asking for it! It was one of the most entertaining matches I have ever attended, and I am happy that this years Legends Cup could show off Palma's newly reformed Tennis Club. There are still tickets left so don't hesitate to pick them up, immediately! This is THE event of the weekend if not the whole month of October to attend. 

You can't finish an event without a #selfie

You can purchase tickets on the Reyes Del Tenis website: http://www.reyesdeltenis.com/en/ 
in person at The Portixol Hotel.