Brands We LOVE: Pintoresq, PortoColom.

We went in search of water and complete calmness in PortoColom and after driving the hour from Palma we were greeted with crashing waves and a thick humid haze. Our plans of being on the water today had to change, so we decided to explore the little village.

So we set off on our adventure and didn't make it to far when my eye caught a boho chic store. At first glance it contained a lot of the same flowy dresses one might find in a beachy village, colorful shirt/dresses and a section of Ibiza whites! Beaded necklaces, long cotton scarves, and many different straw hats. At closer inspection I noticed that this store was also full of hand selected vintage pieces and room after room I was in awe. Past all the clothes was another store just full of random interior furnishings. I had a piece of furniture catch my eye and had the girl behind the counter check the price as there was no tag. She then began to phone her mother as it is the family store, this is also why I love Mallorca! (family) While on the phone it looked like this was the one thing that would not be for sale and it was reflected in the price tag. Mom had won! 
Vera, and her mother own this beautiful shop and she explained to me how her mother collects and hunts the island for very special items. Vintage Chandeliers that use to hang in estate homes in Palma, or countertops that were scooped up from the village bakery that didn't last through the recession. All these treasures had a new home here, or if you're lucky in your living room! Just beware of the items with no price, there is a reason for that! It also means you have VERY good taste! Happy Hunting! 

c/ capitán barceló, 50
07670 Portocolom
Mallorca, Baleares
+34 629940021