Brands We LOVE: Flower Delivery, Palma de Mallorca.

It's wonderful to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers on a special occasion. I have recently taken a liking to sending flowers to surprise people on their birthday, or the morning of their wedding. If I can make someone's eyes light up for just one moment in time, consider it done! Now let's talk about sending flowers to places far and wide, some places you have never even been to or heard of before. This task is not so easy as you want to go through a great small family run business, but also know the quality is the best.
Let me give you a bit of a tip and tell you about a great family run business in the Mercat of Santa Catalina. I frequent this market on a weekly basis and since I always like to have fresh flowers in my home I pop by to see what is in season. Right now they are having the most lush selection of hydrangeas.
Cati, the head florist has an eye for creating visually stunning bouquets. All her flowers are so well taken care of and spritzed often for maximum freshness! She also speaks wonderful English and you will be stunned with the bouquets you receive. Maybe you live in Mallorca and need a beautiful centerpiece for a dinner party, or you live in the United States and want to send flowers to your daughter (ha!) I hope you consider this florist for your next floral purchase!

PS. Thanks Mom & Dad, Peter, Agata, Anetka, Iza, Justyna for my flowers. 

Floristería Miquel Capellà
Address: Mercat de Santa Catalina, puesto n.° 69
PALMA DE MALLORCA (Illes Balears) 07013
Phone: +34 971 282 955