What's Going ON: What to pack for a Holiday in Mallorca.

Ok, so this isn't about the island itself, but I'm getting you ready for your Mallorcan Holiday. I always struggle on what I should pack, especially to a place I have never been. There are many Michelin starred restaurants in Mallorca and although they don't call for cocktail dresses, it's always respectful to not show up in your beach tunic! For the most part it's a casual island, but it has it's glitzy areas like the Puerto Portals & even the newer Port Adriano. This is were those jewel encrusted sandals you bought would come in handy! But you didn't come to show off, you came to walk the streets of Palma while enjoying an ice-cream. Eating deliciously fresh seafood for lunch at Cala Deià, and sipping an Aperol Spritz with the view of the Sóller Valley

Here are some of our top picks of what to bring: