What's Going ON: Llaüt, PortoColom.

Let's start by answering the simple question of, what is a Llaüt? This is a traditional fishing vessel of the Balearic Islands. Made out of local wood and hand crafted, something that would stay in the family or entrusted to good hands. Now let me tell you about an amazing couple who is creating unique experiences aboard a Llaüt! 
I had the pleasure of finding this company while researching what would interest my readers of things to do in Mallorca. Sure you can hire some fancy boat and they will serve you mediocre food and a 4.00euro Cava. But I wanted to find something that showed off the best of the island and took pride in what they offered. 


This is when I met Llorenc and our exchange began of finding the perfect date of travel. When booking a Llaüt it is important the weather is good, the winds cannot be too high, and the sun needs to be shining! On the website you can pick 3 times of travel, morning, early afternoon, or late. I decided to do the late afternoon trip leaving at 5:30 from PortoColom and surprise my 4 friends who were visiting. 
While the boat coasted out of the port we were given a chilled bottle of local Mallorcan Wine and a snack of Olives, Sea Fennel and delicious local Almonds. Off we steered in the direction of a very quiet Cala, just south of PortoColom. The colors of the water turned from the dark blue tones to the picture perfect turquoise and we dropped anchor! As Llorenc created our boat picnic we could have a swim or snorkel around the this rocky Cala. The water sparkled and after 30 minutes worked up a great appetite and were presented with more local delicacies. Sobrassada made by the family of Llorenc, along with a spread to create your own Pa amb oli.

This was truly the perfect Mallorcan experience, local produce, handcrafted boat, surrounded by the cliffs of Mallorca on the Mediterranean Sea. I couldn't think of a better introduction to this island! 

LTM Tip: Do you have children and want an activity that will keep them entertained and they will remember for a lifetime? This is the perfect treat, just ask Llorenc to provision some extra fruit juices! 

Ronda Creuer Balear
07670 Portocolom/Majorca/Spain
Phone +34 663 600 591