Brands We LOVE: Oli Solivellas, Alcúdia.

It's a hot August day and there is nothing better than a walking tour through an Olive Orchard! Said no-one ever! Last week we spent time touring a workshop making the most gorgeous handmade fabrics, the perfect souvenir of a table cloth that will last you a lifetime. Now, we will tell you what other souvenir would be the perfect match to your tablewares! Let us tell you a story about the Solivellas Family. 

Driving to the Solivellas Finca in Alcúdia couldn't be any easier, as it's minutes off of the autovia. We were met by Pep Jr., and I'm sure after he saw my shoes he knew this was going to be a fun tour. Black strappy wedges and uneven grounds = walking failure by me. While guiding us through a maze of Olive tree's he told us how all the grounds used to be wheat fields, since this was the most lucrative to grow for a very long time in Mallorca. Only recently, just 11 years ago did the family plant Olive Trees for the pure joy of the plant, and with no intentions of doing anything with them. Fast forward a few years and here they are now making some of the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Mallorca. 

I won't tell you the whole story because it's better told by it's owners and the finca is well worth a visit. What I can say is that the Solivellas family is beyond hospitable and it must run in the blood. Once meeting Pep I felt like I was stepping into the home of a friend that I hadn't seen in many years. We shared stories of our lives, while tasting the oil around a table in the shade, and the conversation could have lasted for hours. My favorite moment from our day was when Pep told me that each morning he enjoys a simple breakfast of Mallorcan bread, sliced tomato and I'm sure a generous helping of his families golden olive oil. How lucky is he to enjoy life's little luxuries every morning! 

Es Guinyent -Alcúdia
07400 Mallorca – Spain
For Visits call: +(34) 617 068 822
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