What we DRIVE: Fiat500 Pop!

Beep, Beep! We've just rented the cutest car for our Easter Weekend Escape! It's Mint colored and small enough to drive down any village road or those really narrow country roads, and we really put it to the test. As most of you know, we TasteMakers rent cars on the regular. We live in Palma and parking here is a tiny nightmare! You either have to pay a meter, park underground for a small fortune, or circle around to find a free spot which is very time consuming. 

When we need to get out of town, we book our car hire online!

We've found a new(ish) rental car company on the island and we were blown away by the friendly customer service and selection of cars. They opened last summer and have now moved into a larger location off the airport. For most of you this might be a complete deal-breaker to rent off of the airport. It's another time consuming process to first locate their van, wait until everyone is on and begin the 7 minute journey. But hear me out, this company guarantees the exact model that you book online, so unlike the competition there are zero surprises! Did I mention the excellent customer service? 

You can't even imagine how much joy we got from zipping around in the island in this little gem. All the cars from AutoClick are less than six months old, which means they are in pristine condition and aren't missing hubcaps, something other rental companies take off and makes the car look really used and battered. We like shiny things, and this company delivers.

Enjoy the pictures of us easily maneuvering the narrow roads and exploring the island in style!

We rented a Fiat Pop! which is an upgrade from the Fiat Lounge that most companies have. These have a sleeker body style, but the interior is what the real upgrade. The all leather steering wheel is not only chic, but better for your grip when driving on these twisty mountain roads. The touch screen display is what really sold us on this car. It's connects easily to your mobile through bluetooth, has voice recognition and the radio actually works! (Maybe that is because Autoclick cars actually have an antenna.)