What's Going ON: Couture Shopping in Palma de Mallorca.

Where there is fashion you will always find me! I spent most of my University days going shopping for second-hand clothing, I would go through each item on the rack to see the quality of the garment and assess whether it would be a good purchase for resale on e-bay. Now in Palma we have a pop-up shop dedicated to the best quality high-end designer clothes and shoes, YAY!

I find it difficult to shop in a city where Zara reigns supreme, everyone looks like a copy, paste edit of each other. Although I am guilty of purchasing pieces there out of shear lack of inspiration, usually for an event I have to attend that evening. Every time I do this I immediately panic that 5 other women will be wearing the same thing. This shop is providing a service that us younger fashion lovers can really get behind, affordable couture pieces that let you express your individualism. 

The shop just opened a little more than a week ago and will be here until the end of August, promising to bring more one-of-kind vintage couture designs every month. They have many amazing shoes, including my favorite designer, Charlotte Olympia. Who doesn't love a sky-high heel or mega platform wedges? 

My LTM tip to you is if you see something you love, buy it! I missed out on a gorgeous navy and white striped dress from Theory, if you bought it, let's talk! Happy Shopping Guapas!

Located right next to 13% Tapas Restaurant, on Carrer de Sant Feliu, 13A. If you see 2 pink bunnies, you're in the right place! Enjoy.