What's Going ON: DEGUAYHAUS - Concept Store, Portals Nous

Souvenirs use to come in the shape of a magnet, or maybe a terrible postcard with a illustration of a flamenco dancer. But honestly, do you really need more clutter in your home? Wouldn't you rather take home a piece of pottery handmade by a local artisan, or even a small woven basket that you can put by your door to keep the car keys in. Gift smarter, trust me your friends will be so grateful, they may even book a trip to Mallorca themselves... AND we would love that! 

We were greeted by the Shop owner and we got there just in time as the day was hot and costumers were not exactly wanting to leave the beach to go shopping just yet. She made me a delicious and ice cold ginger tea while I had a chance to slowly take it all in. Every nook and cranny is packed with something different. Hand painted bowls with Soller Gambas on them (I know who is getting a set of these for the holidays), Moroccan wedding blankets, tiny stools and so much more. 

The atmosphere in this shop is so inviting, you almost want to sit down with a book on one of the many seating arrangements. I'm always shopping for unique pieces for my dining table and interesting vessels for dinner parties. Sorry if you had your eye on those cute little glass parfait coups, I scooped them all up! 

LTMtip: This is the perfect store for a birthday present. If you are stuck on what to give, even for a children's birthday party, this is your one stop shop! 

C/ Miguel de Cervantes 13 | Local nº5
Portals Nous | Mallorca
+34 678 286 427