What's Going ON: Taxi Service in Deià

I find myself in this beautiful village a lot. I had spent the morning showing two wonderful souls from Brooklyn the Cala and indulging in a seafood feast. Shortly after I dropped them off in Palma I was en route to dinner at the lovely Restaurant Nama, followed by dancing the night and early morning away at Sa Fonda. I decided it was best I either checked myself in to a Hotel for the evening or go the slightly cheaper route and take a taxi back to Palma. 

Although I had to wait a good 25 minutes before a taxi arrived, the drive was comfortable and so memorable. Daniel, a local from Sóller picked me up just in front of La Residencia. He already had 2 passengers in the back seat and informed me that if I didn't mind I could drive in the front as they had to go to a finca slightly passed Deià. I had seen them earlier working on their dance moves at Sa Fonda and we all quickly became engaged in conversation. I gave them a few tips on where to eat in Palma (as I always tend to do) and we said our goodbyes. 


The road from Deià to Palma isn't terribly long but being alert is key, those twists and turns scare me on good days. Daniel navigated so smoothly and he began asking me what I was doing on the island and general chit chat. He seemed to have no issues with the long drive to Palma and it really gave me a chance to practice my Spanish. The experience could have been like every normal taxi ride, you get in to taxi, you take out your cell phone, and start fiddling away. Let's be honest, not many people will be up at 4:00am Saturday morning. 

I hope you all make the right decision, sometimes being exhausted can be worse then having a few glasses of wine. AND... If you find yourself in Deià, Daniel or Sebastian will be there to help. Did I mention that the Deià Taxi is a Mercedes E Class, and the seats are so comfortable!

It's probably best to put the 'Deià Taxi' number in your phone: (+34) 619.096.275