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What's Going ON: What to pack for a Holiday in Mallorca.

Ok, so this isn't about the island itself, but I'm getting you ready for your Mallorcan Holiday. I always struggle on what I should pack, especially to a place I have never been to. So let me share my summer essentials. 

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What's Going ON: DEGUAYHAUS - Concept Store, Portals Nous

Souvenirs use to come in the shape of a magnet, or maybe a terrible postcard with a illustration of a flamenco dancer. But honestly, do you really need more clutter in your home? Wouldn't you rather take home a piece of pottery handmade by a local artisan, or even a small woven basket that you can put by your door to keep the car keys in. Gift smarter, trust me your friends will be so grateful, they may even book a trip to Mallorca themselves... AND we would love that! 

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Brands We LOVE: Nook Beauty Concept, Palma de Mallorca.

We care about what we put inside of our bodies, but how about what we put on them? Nail Polish is full of toxins and chemicals, and don't get me started on the 'wonderful' long lasting gel manicure. What about natural makeup that doesn't clog up our skin and then washing it off with organic cleanser? These should all just be as important as that Green Juice you are toting about town! 

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