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What's Going ON: DEGUAYHAUS - Concept Store, Portals Nous

Souvenirs use to come in the shape of a magnet, or maybe a terrible postcard with a illustration of a flamenco dancer. But honestly, do you really need more clutter in your home? Wouldn't you rather take home a piece of pottery handmade by a local artisan, or even a small woven basket that you can put by your door to keep the car keys in. Gift smarter, trust me your friends will be so grateful, they may even book a trip to Mallorca themselves... AND we would love that! 

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What's Going ON: Llaüt, PortoColom.

Let's start by answering the simple question of, what is a Llaüt? This is a traditional fishing vessel of the Balearic Islands. Made out of local wood and hand crafted, something that would stay in the family or entrusted to good hands. Now let me tell you about an amazing couple who is creating unique experiences aboard a Llaüt! 
I had the pleasure of finding this company while researching what would interest my readers of things to do in Mallorca. Sure you can hire some fancy boat and they will serve you mediocre food and a 4.00euro Cava. But I wanted to find something that showed off the best of the island and took pride in what they offered. 

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