Where We EAT: Boutique Hotel & Restaurant Ca's Xorc, Sóller.

Paella Sunday is beyond our wildest dreams at this location in Sóller! We decided on a roadtrip through the tunnel and on the other side of Palma de Mallorca. I always enjoy this drive, as you pass by all the almond tree fields, then after an extremely long tunnel you enter to the land of Oranges in Sóller! This drive is best done during the spring time when everything is blooming and the almond flowers make a bed of white petals that remind you it's still the winter season!

Ca's Xorc Hotel is celebrating it's 15th Anniversary this year and it's still as beautiful as the day it's opened it's doors. The gardens are gorgeous that surround the pool area, and it couldn't be a better place to unwind, with a book in hand. Nestled in the Tramuntana Mountains, it's definitely a place to escape it all. But we were here to try the Paella, by Chef Guillermo Moya! We were feeling a bit spendy on this day and decided to get the Lobster Paella, and it did not disappoint! A squeeze of fresh Mallorcan lemon from the garden and the sounds of cracking open a lobster claw was heaven on earth! Mixing it all together created the perfect, briny bite of al dente rice and tender meat. Best served with a local white wine, we just knew it was the day people on holiday dream of! 

What I liked most about this Paella was that it wasn't overly colored with colorant, which most people mistake for a heavy use of Saffron, which most Paellas have very little flavor of. This had a touch of saffron which didn't overwhelm the lobster flavor. The addition of the green bell pepper I absolutely love, after a few bites you can cleanse your palate with the freshness of the pepper. 

LTM Tip: If you’re a local on the island and want to come for lunch I highly recommend it. They treat you like a 5 star guest and from August 14 - 23, 2015 they are hosting a Paella Week. Great deals for lunch with a view!

Address: de km 56, Ctra. Deyà, 1, 07100 Sóller, Illes Balears
Phone: +34 971 63 82 80