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Where We EAT: Kurobota, Santa Catalina (Palma)

Exquisite food coming out of this fresh, new kitchen in the Santa Catalina District of Palma. But since we're on a bit of a cocktail kick lately we couldn't resist but trying a few of the very creative options on the menu. The Sencha Meets Elderflower was the perfect balance of healthy and fun as it felt like you were dining with The Mad Hatter himself. Tea Cup not included!

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Where We EAT: Appetite Palma, Santa Catalina.

We love a good Brunch on a lazy Sunday. We remember days when we lived in NYC and the highlight of the week was gathering with friends, ordering Bloody Mary's (or Mimosa's) and towers of pancakes, and any style of benedict with perfectly poached eggs. In Palma we have had a hard time finding that style of Restaurant.... until now! 

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Where We EAT: Naan Street Food, Palma de Mallorca

I've been eating out a lot in the area of Santa Catalina in Palma recently. It's the trendy area with many small Restaurants & Cafes that offer creative cuisine. It reminds me a lot of the Lower East Side of Manhattan in the early 2000's, before Williamsburg was on trend. 

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